In this article you’ll learn about the effects of Co2, help you decide whether Co2 is right for you and your Cannabis/Hemp garden. We will discuss multiple ways to implement Co2 into your garden while Saving Money as well as:

  • What is Co2?
  • How to implement Co2
  • Should I add Co2
  • Conclusion

What is CO2?

Co2 is a naturally occurring gas that is produced by things like human respiration and the burning of natural gas. In nature, plants consume co2 and uses it to help absorb energy, thus cleaning our air and producing oxygen.

The supplementation of Co2 has been shown to boost the amount of light a Cannabis/Hemp can consume. This allows growers to get their bright lights closer without causing Light Burn. There is more to Co2’s magnificent benefits. This gas is also known to increase heat resistance. This is scientific fact has been exploited by cannabis growers for years to increase plant yields of upwards 30%!

Co2 supplementation has its drawbacks though,

It can be expensive for growers on a budget to add to their grow. It can also be dangerous if you are not careful with sanitation or safety measures. Supplementing with Co2 is not for every grower but you can still produce amazing yields without it.

How to add Co2

There are a few different ways growers introduce Co2 into their gardens. Of course, we will focus on the ones that are most commonly used. With whichever method you use, always make sure the Co2 is in a position to rain down over your plants

  • DIY Methods Some growers prefer to go with the more inexpensive options for supplementation. Hobbyists and growers in small spaces work well with DIY Methods like the “Vinegar & Baking Soda” Drip method and the “Sugar, Water, and  Yeast” Combo. These methods work in raising ppm slightly but are hard to maintain optimal levels. If you go with this method ensure you are paying close attention to your plants response to see if it is worth your time to continue using it.Co2 bag rains Co2 on top of canopy
  • Co2 Bag/bottle: Another way to add Co2 is to purchase a Co2 Bag or bottle from your local hydroponics store or online. This method is a  bit more reliable than its predecessor. A very popular brand amongst growers is the “Exhale Co2 Bag”. Products like this work by having little fungi and bacteria packed into bags. Once you are ready to activate the bag, you open a small hole and the oxygen reacts with the contents of the bag, which activates the micro-organisms within. These micro-organisms then produce Co2 as waste. Hang this bag or bottle over your plants and allow co2 to rain down on your plants.
  • Co2Burner: This method is geared more to growers who have medium-large grow spaces. It is not recommended for 5×5 tents or smaller. It is more fitting for grow rooms or greenhouses as it produces a lot of heat. The idea is to purchase a co2 Burner(propane or gas), by your fuel canister, and hook it up to a Co2 monitor/controller. This will ensure your plants aren’t bombarded with too much co2 and sweltering heat from your pretty expensive but very worth it investment. Long term, this products out performs our next item on the list due to the refill tanks for these burners being cheaper with a longer life span.
  • Co2 Tank: These are one of the most popular and most reliable ways to get good Co2 supplementation. You can purchase a 20lbCo2 tank for around $130 and have it refilled or swapped out at your local welding supply store for around $50. It is a bit pricey but if used correctly can have a drastic positive effect on your bottom line. A wise man once said “you get out, what you put in“…or something like that. Either way, you should consider putting this into your garden. It will require a Co2 monitor/controller, a solenoid valve(for the timer), a gauge, and tubing for the co2 to be dispensed from. IF this sounds like a lot, please don’t be alarmed. It is a very simple setup.  You’ll have those babies stuffing their leaves with light in no time!

Should I add Co2

Co2 is a very important part of your garden as your cannabis and hemp plants grow rapidly. If you are growing in a confined space you must keep in mend that the bigger your plants get, the more co2 they will consume. A lack of Co2 can slow or even halt the growth of plants.

Not to mention you could be missing out on those yields!

When you shouldn’t add Co2

Co2 supplementation is not for everyone though. It is a luxury to have in your grow space as, you could create great buds using just adequate air/windflow. There are a few times when you should maybe reconsider your co2 journey.

If you have a grow space that is not sealed then co2 is probably not for you Unless you can seal it up. Just as air goes where it wants, so does your preciouses co2 and budget. There is nothing like pushing the budget and buying an awesome co2 rig just to hook it up, leave a vent or tent hole open, then come to find an empty tank a whopping 2 days later.

If you have no way to measure the co2 in your grow space, maybe we skip the co2? If you can’t get a good read on your ppms then how will you know if you are wasting your time adding co2 to a grow space that has hidden leaks?

Finally, are these things that could fit into your budget. If not, add some fans and make sure your air circulation is correct. The transfer of oxygen and ambient co2 from the general environment will usually be enough to grow very healthy plants! These are things you want to take into consideration

Conclusion and Tips

Co2 supplementation is not for everyone. Make sure you have a good understanding of what co2 is and how it can help you in the garden. It is a very important part of plant health and is highly recommended if you think you have the knowledge and skill to pull it off. It is not hard to implement in either of the 4 methods described but does require precision as it is a very delicate matter. The co2 tank setup is the most recommended  as it is the most practical for most growers.

These are things you want to take into consideration as you decide on implementing co2. Happy gardening!


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